Product Information

Our policy is to provide products that are natural, handmade, fairly traded and have a feel-good factor about them.

Many of our products contain vibrational essences; the energy sprays, incense and ayurvedic soap so that when used, the energy of these essences is released. These energy products have been classified in to ranges we have named Healing, Prem (Divine Love) and Goddess.

We work closely with our ethical suppliers, who are mainly in India, ensuring that their business ethics commit to fair trade - specifically that the working conditions for their staff are excellent, and that they source their ingredients from sustainable, fairly traded sources.

Care has been taken with packaging to ensure that whenever possible recyclable packaging has been used.

We enjoy providing products that are well made and aesthetically beautiful, and that assist you to remember the sacred in the everyday.

As fragrance can have a powerful effect on ones mood and well being, we also offer Divine scents, Javadhu powder and other natural fragrances.

We hope you enjoy our range as products as much as we have enjoyed coming up with the concept of them and bringing them in to reality!

We welcome your feedback, suggestions and comments. Please contact us.