Intuitive and heart-centered, Cherie Seed has been a National Federation of Spiritual Healers (UK) healer since 2000, and an advanced Vortex Healer since 2004.

Schedule your own healing session with Cherie (group, animals or place, either in person or distance (£48/A$80 for 1 hour+)

Or join one of Cherie's regular group distance healings (£12/A$20 for 1.5 hours+)

Or, schedule an essence consultation with Cherie, co-creator of Healing for Harmony vibrational essences - Click here to read about consultations.

Essence consultations may be combined with a healing session.

Cherie resides between India and Australia.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful group distance healing session on Sunday & the super feedback!
I was one of those who fell asleep part way through - very very unusual for me to fall asleep & I did the same last time - you flattened me!!! I have felt wonderful since then, really focused and inspired but allowing it all to settle in too.
- Lisa, Staffordshire, UK
A typical healing session

The client lies down fully clothed and the practitioner has their hands resting gently upon your head, channelling energy to where it needs to go in a clients body and/or energy field. At times the practitioner may touch a specific part of your body to release tension. The session is tailored to the client's individual needs, taking into account what the client would like to achieve from the session. Clients usually experience a deep feeling of relaxation and release of tension. The session is confidential between the client and the practitioner. Most sessions are usually for one hour, with time before and after for consultation and feedback.At times, depending on the issue or dis-ease more than one session is recommended. Cherie offers 6 healing sessions for the price of 5, if several sessions are recommended. If you are interested in receiving a one to one healing session please Contact Us

"I have been feeling quite serene since seeing you on the 18th and am having to get used to walking a new way since I don't have the same pain in my back anymore. Can't tell you how fantastic I feel"

- Julie Shepherd, Brighton, East Sussex, UK

"I left the healing session with a deeper sense of peace. As the days went on I noticed slight changes in my habits, letting go of thoughts, ideas and certain ways. The healing was like one of the cool breezes on a hot summers day, unexpected, but a real blessing.""

- Claire Bulman, Maldon, Essex, UK

"Every healing I have had with Cherie has induced a deep relaxation and given great clarity to my own process. Her feedback has been accurate and invaluable. A blessing to work with, thankyou"

- Rob Dreaming, East Sussex, UK

"I highly recommend Cherie's sessions. The whole experience is delightful, grounded and relaxing (I often fall asleep which is very unusual for me!). And it's so effective and versatile that I always receive significant shifts and insights around whatever issues I have (and many of them are deep seated)."

- Linda Markley, East Sussex, UK

Group Distance Healing Sessions

Cherie offers group distance healing sessions in which people from all around the globe take part in the healing which is around a particular theme or issue. The group healing sessions are usually timed to be in alignment with either the New Moon (a time for manifestation and new beginnings) or Full Moon (which is the energy of culmination). The sessions are for 1.5 hours and are £12/A$20 each session.
Instructions for the healing are provided before the session and feedback is provided after the session, both by email. For more information, or to be included in the mailing list for these group distance healings please Contact Us

Thank you for that wonderful group distance healing session. I can feel a sort of clear energy flowing now can't describe it really - like a crystal stream - anyway It's affected me in a number of positive ways!

- Lesley Staffordshire, UK

Healing for Animals and Children

Animals and children respond very well to healing and often do not need a full hour. The price for the healing is calculated by the amount of time required.

Animal friends provide one of the most reliable tests if something we're using to help them is really working. They have absolutely no resistance to being well (as many humans do) so respond very quickly. Once I realized the power of Cherie's distant healing, I asked her to share her gits with my rescued dog, Thalia, who had many issues related to her 7 years of mistreatment prior to my homing her. When Thalia was literally chewing away her fur, especially around her rump, it was only Cherie's healing that gave her any long term relief. I also remember well how Cherie, in working with both my cats and both my dogs as a family unit, was able to settle in my then newly-homed Rosa . However, this actually had more of an impact on my female cat because she finally realized she was loved unconditionally, along with the others.

I highly recommend Cherie's distant healing gifts if you have any animal friends you wish to support/ assist on their path of wholeness.

- Jane Ferro, York, Western Australia

What is vortex healing?

It is an ancient healing art brought to us from the Merlin lineage. This healing works solely with divine light and consciousness. It derives its name from a particular energy - vortex that is the interface between our physical world and a special divine healing world that is accessed in this art. In a healing session the divine energy of this healing realm is channelled, as well as the consciousness of this special realm, which is composed of 7 divine beings whose sole intention is to manifest healing. It is the channelling of the divine consciousness that can transform the roots of your own consciousness.
There are 49 forms of Vortex light, that a Vortex healer can work with, each one designed to create a specific effect.

One of the truly beautiful aspects of this type of healing is that the energy of the healing realm is infused with and works through the spiritual heart.

What can VortexHealing® healing do?

Vortex healing can facilitate transformation on physical, mental and emotional and spiritual levels. It is also extremely good at releasing and clearing the roots of deep karmic issues and patterns of conditioning that we all hold as human beings.
To read more about vortex healing, and the training which is taught by direct transmission - please visit the Vortex Healing website www.vortexhealing.com