Energy Sprays

These energy sprays are handmade using a combination of vibrational essences and 100% essential oils. They also contain water that has been energetically charged with healing energies, and vegetable glycerine to preserve the essential oils.

You can use energy sprays as often or as little as you like, and they are complimentary to any other healing modality you are using.
Used with intention and affirmation the energy sprays are even more potent. Click here to read more about energy sprays

Energy Sprays
energy spray 30ml $
energy spray 30ml $
energy spray 30ml $
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Circle of Friends
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Joyful Being
energy spray 30ml $21.00
Prem - Divine Love
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Maha Durga
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Maha Lakshmi
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Maha Saraswati
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Transformation ~ Take Action!
This spray is useful for when there is deep-seated procrastination and stagnation leading to frustration and sadness, or you get that "same old feeling of being stuck in a rut". It will help to alter your perception so that you may see opportunity and ways forward. Direct and effective, it helps you let go of that which is outdated and no longer for your highest good. It overhauls contracted belief systems.
Essences: Transformation, Decision, Kookaburra, Invincible Heart, Adilakshmi, Blue Moon, Saraswati River.
Essential oils: Spikenard and Rosemary 

Balance ~ Calmly Active and Actively Calm
This spray brings you in to the body and present moment. It is a great spray to use before yoga, dance or any bodywork sessions. It is calming on the mental body, mind and nervous system, which are connected. Balancing and grounding, it provides stability during stressful times of transition and change.
Essences: Balance, Shanti, Light in to Being, Koteshwar Mahadev and For the love of Gaia
Essential oils: Basil and Spearmint 

Shanti ~ Peace
This spray is good to use when anxiety or stress is increasing your mental activity, preventing you from being able to relax and rest fully. It brings a sense of equanimity and calm. It can be used before meditation to bring you into the present moment and calm the mind. It is useful if you find it difficult to "switch off" from work or after a busy day. It is also good for those times you might feel your life is in chaos or you live in chaotic environments.
Essences: Shanti, Balance, Tranquility, Prem, Light in to Being.
Essential Oils: Sandalwood and Vertivert.

Nurture ~ Soothing
This spray soothes the heart, emotions and nervous system, summoning the energy of the universal mother who loves you unconditionally and cares for all of us. Like a warm blanket wrapped around our shoulders, it is soft, feminine and nurturing. Holding and supportive, it can assist you in times of shock, grief, trauma and emotional upset.
Essences: Nuture, Prem, Light in to Being, St Nectans Kieve and Tranquility
Essential Oils: Rose, Neroli and Palma Rosa.

Circle of Friends ~ Community
This spray is beautiful to use with groups, such as healing or meditation groups, to create sacred space, during ceremony or ritual. Can be used for weddings, funerals, christenings or birthdays. Celebratory in energy. The sense of being surrounded by a circle of friends, who hold in their hearts the vision for your highest potential.
Great to use in community projects to assist in holding the highest vision for the benefit of all.
Essences: Moon Goddess, Prem, Prathana, Bee, St Nectans Kieve and Ganga Jal.
Essential oils: Rose, Lavender and Sage

Joyful Being ~ Adventure
This spray is uplifting, optimistic, adventuresome, passionate and outgoing. It can bring a sense of momentum, vitality and zest for life, and a sense of lightness into the physical body. It is great for lifting ones spirits so that they can soar. It helps to remind you of the light and divine being you truly are. It helps to dispels pessimism and "low" moods, and enhance confidence. A sweet citrus fragrance bringing joy and a smile to your face!  
"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the Astonishing Light of your own being" - Hafiz
Essences: Being the Light, Joyous Jupiter, Passion, Light into Being, Prem
Essential Oils: Bergamot, Lemon and Neroli

Prem ~ Divine Love
This spray will assist with bringing you in to the present moment and heart-centre so that you can respond to life instead of reacting. It brings about a general sense of well-being and calm, and heightens awareness and perception. Devotional in energy, it can be used before meditation or to create a sacred healing space. It contains a combination of essences that were made at various places on the banks of the Ganges River in the Indian Himalayas.
Essences: Prem, Pushpin, Prathana, Koteshwar Mahadev, Ganga Jal.
Contains a specially formulated Prem "perfume" containing essential oils - a secret recipe!

Maha Durga ~ Courage
Durga is the Hindu goddess of courage who assists with overcoming fear and negative tendencies. This spray will invoke and invite the energies of Durga. Empowering in energy, it is excellent to use when you wish to go beyond your current comfort zone in any area of your life.
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage." - Anais Nin
Essences:Kalishilat, Kalimath, Gangolihat, Durga Amman, Durga Temple Varanasi, Invincible Heart, Dhara Devi.
Contains a specially formulated Durga "perfume" containing essential oils - a secret recipe!

Maha Lakshmi ~ Flow
Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of flow, abundance and beauty. This spray is wonderful as a 'perfume' that invokes and invites her energies. It is excellent for attracting abundance, for being open to opportunities and networking, and for manifestation and expansion.
Essences: Adilakshmi, Lakhsmi Puja, Dhanalakshmi
Contains a specially formulated Lakshmi "perfume" containing essential oils - a secret recipe!

Maha Saraswati ~ Inspiration
Saraswati is the Hindu goddess representing birth and potential, luminosity and purity. She is also the goddess who presides over wisdom, education, the arts, music and speech. Use this energy spray when you wish to invoke the qualities of Saraswati, be open to creativity, and have appreciation for what you see, hear and sense around you.
Essences: Saraswati River, Saraswati Dawn, Saraswati Muse
Contains a specially formulated Saraswati "perfume" containing essential oils - a secret recipe!