Essence Consultations

Cherie offers essence consultations either over the telephone, by Skype, email or in person.

Taking essences is a form of vibrational healing that works over a period of days and weeks, and, in some cases can provide healing to cellular level. Taking essences can create permanent shifts in beliefs and help to release old emotional patterns.

Before having an essence consultation, it is useful to consider the following questions:-

  • What is your main reason for wanting to have an essence consultation?

  • Do you have spiritual/ emotional/ mental/ physical issues you want to explore?

  • Do you have relationship/ career/ family issues you want to explore?

  • What goals and expectations do you have from taking the essences?

Sometimes more than one issue can be tackled at a time as the essences are multi-layered and can work simultaneously on different levels.

Often healing around an issue can take place during the consultation.

Following the consultation, Cherie will then 'tune in' to your energy and provide a written account of intuitive information she receives, and then she will make up the essence combination bottle(s) that you require.

Instructions on how to take the essences and a description of the essences prescribed are also provided.

Initial consultations are 48/A$80 plus postal costs
Follow up consultations are 22/A$40 plus postal costs

A bottle of an essence will last approximately 2 to 3 weeks depending on the dosage you use (usually 3 drops twice a day).

Working with essences is a subtle and gentle form of healing. As you work with them and issues are resolved, new insights or goals may arise; therefore follow-up consultations are offered.

'The first time I used the essences created by Cherie I entered into a deep, revealing space of creativity which unleashed a flow of writing. Her essences are amazing and powerful. You feel the spiritual and divine healing energies that have gone into the preparations right from the start of the consultation. I would recommend a consultation before everyone else finds about her divinely inspired healing practice.'

Jackee Holder
Life Work In Progress
Coach/Trainer/ Interfaith Minister