Cherie Seed is the founder of the Healing for Harmony range of products, drawing inspiration for the essences and products from inner guidance, nature and travel. She began making vibrational essences in 2004 and has been making them ever since. Her healing training completed with the NSFH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers UK) in 2000 and she also is trained in VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing since 2004 to advanced level and beyond.

Cherie was born and raised in New Zealand, spent more than 13 years living in the UK and now divides her time between India and Australia.

"It is my sincere wish that these energy products help you to deepen your connection to nature and your own authentic spirit, bringing JoY and releasing conditioning, letting go of any place in your life where you feel contracted or are playing small, and that they bring you to know the infinite potential that dwells inside all of us"

The logo for Healing for Harmony is the Koru, which is a Maori word meaning spiral and is also the popular name for the unfurling foliage of a budding tree fern that is native to New Zealand.

The koru motif, which looks like fern frond, is often used in Maori art and architecture, the frond representing perpetual movement and the inner point representing stillness.

Koru also symbolizes the unfolding of potential and opportunities for positive growth.

It is an apt logo for Healing for Harmony, capturing the very essence of its products and services!