Adilakshmi The key note to this essence is flow.
It helps to open you up to creativity, abundance and divine feminine energies. Adilakshmi is the first of the eight aspects of Lakshmi representing the divine cosmic force of manifestation. This essence was made on site at the Maha Lakshmi temple in Mumbai using using the crystalline energies of Ruby. This essence will help you to generate ideas either for creative or business purposes and will assist you with laying solid foundations in order to move forward in a steady and harmonious way. It will help you to assimilate the principals of manifestation, flow, abundance and make the most of opportunity.

essence 10ml $12.00

Arunachala's Blessing Made during a Leo full moon, this environmental essence contains the energies of Arunachala, a sacred mountain in South India that in Hindu tradition is the embodiment of Shiva, pure consciousness. This essence will aid your meditation practice and will attune your energy with that of Arunachala. Aruna means solid being, Chala means motionless, signifying steadfastness and resolve in spiritual practice. Arunachala is Shiva in his most fiery aspect, so this essence will help you to contact your own inner fire and have determination and resolve with your own spiritual practice.

Arunachala's Blessing
essence 10ml $12.00

Balance This essence is useful in times of transition and change, times of stress, and when you feel overwhelmed by work pressures. It is for when you feel burdened and overloaded, and find it difficult to prioritize and feel out of balance. It is useful for when stress is making sleep or relaxation difficult as it is calming on the mind and nervous system. It was made during Autumn Equinox 2004, and contains the crystalline energies of Moldavite.

essence 10ml $12.00

Bee This essence was made on new years day 2009, near the entrance to a beehive in a Jarrah forest in the Perth Hills, Western Australia. (Special thanks to Otto & Marie-Luise Gehrmann of Darling Bees products, and of course to the bees!) It is useful for when you wish to experience community and oneness. It is good if you are feeling isolated, lonely or numb to experience, if you feel a disconnection to your environment and those around you. It is useful if you are working on a community-based project or have a desire to be part of one. It helps you to perceive life working for you and not against you and for perceiving that you are a valued component in the master or divine plan. It helps with softening and allowing people into your life and brings forth warmth and sharing.

essence 10ml $12.00

Being the Light Made on the Summer Solstice 2005, using the crystalline energies of Sunstone. This essence is for the times you would like more adventure, travel and movement in your life, or to be more outgoing and social. Promotes travel and movement. Uplifting and optimistic in energy, it helps to give a sense of light connection, and the sense that you are much more than just the physical body. It also helps to break any negative patterns, especially of avoidance, where you are not living you highest truth.

Being the Light
essence 10ml $12.00

Black Tourmaline Made near Arunachala mountain using the crystalline energy of Black Tourmaline. This essence is wonderful to use as an additional supplement to any physical cleansing you are doing to remove toxicity from the body. It is grounding and effective if you are having toxic thoughts or negative thinking.

Black Tourmaline
essence 10ml $12.00

Blue Moon Made during a full 'blue' moon in 2004, this essence contains the crystalline energies of Aquamarine and Lapis Lazuli. It is a good for any issues around communication where you may feel afraid to speak our truth for fear of possible or imagined outcomes. It fosters communication that is authentic, direct and from the heart.

Blue Moon
essence 10ml $12.00

Burning for Truth Made during the the festival of Deepam (meaning light) on a full moon in Dec 2009, when the top of Arunachala mountain is lit up with a ghee-fuelled flame. This essence is for when you wish to expose your conditioning, the unconscious patterning that veils or masks the truth of who you really are. It is helpful when you feel despair or confusion on your spiritual path and would like clarity.

Burning for Truth
essence 10ml $12.00

Decision This essence brings into sharp focus the decisions that need to be made in order to move forward. It aids clarity, and is effective for when you wish to carry out space clearing and move past procrastination and pessimism. Made during Samhain in 2004, the Celtic New Year and contains the crystalline energies of Hematite.

essence 10ml $12.00

Dhanalakshmi This essence was co-created at a Lakshmi temple in Kolhapur, India.
Dhana Lakshmi is the last of the eight aspects of Lakshmi, and represents wealth. It brings a knowing that the greatest wealth is to be free from attachment, and with this comes a deep satisfaction and sustaining peace.
This essence will assist you with the release of any conditioning around poverty/lack consciousness, will bring material and spiritual wealth into harmony and will help you to experience life as play.

essence 10ml $12.00

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For the love of Gaia This essence was made during the Venus transit on 8th June 2004, and contains the crystalline energies of Rose and Clear Quartz. It Assists with grounding and deepening your Earth connection. It allows the Earth to be your teacher and ignites passion for Mother Earth. By observing nature, you can see the beauty and harmony in all things.
'In beauty may you walk' - Navaho blessing

For the love of Gaia
essence 10ml $12.00

Gangolihat Coming Soon

Ganga Jal Purity Coming Soon

Gangolihat Coming Soon

Gangotri Temple Made on site at Gangotri temple, near the source of the Ganges River, during Arati (evening prayers). This is a very calming and serene essence. Everything is perfect and in divine order. Content with what is happening in the present moment, you release resistance and patterns of anger and judgement, experiencing the moment as being perfect as it is. At ease with divine play, you accept the ebb and flow of life. This essence is the darshan (blessing) of the Ganga.
"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages"
-William Shakespeare

Gangotri Temple
essence 10ml $12.00

Honey in the Heart Made during Winter Solstice 2005, this essence contains the crystalline energies of Honey Calcite. It helps in cultivating gratitude for yourself and others, and helps you to become aware of your talents and abilities. It is good for issues around doubt and low self-esteem.

Honey in the Heart
essence 10ml $12.00

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Lakshmi Puja This essence was co-created with 12 successful, inspiring creative women on an auspicious Lakshmi full moon day, 2007, in Sussex, England. We did a puja (offering) to goddess Lakshmi, and honoured all that was precious in our lives.
This essence is useful for releasing any conditioning around isolation or feeling that you have to do it all on your own, enhances your perception of beauty and deepens your appreciation of nature. The essence also contains the crystalline energies of Ruby.

Lakshmi Puja
essence 10ml $12.00

Light into Being Made at a sacred spring on Arunachala mountain, South India. This essence is for those times when we would like to have greater awareness and understanding of our nervous system, nadi's (energetic channels) and chakras.
It assists with subtle and intuitive understanding of the energy bodies and chakra's.
It also calms the nervous system, and is therefore good for anyone who has experienced any shock, trauma or accidents

Light into Being
essence 10ml $12.00

Ma Ganga Palki Coming Soon

Maha Kali - Invicible Heart Coming Soon

Moon Goddess This essence was made during a full "blue" moon at Chalice Well, Glastonbury, UK, using the crystalline energies of Moonstone. It is for those times when you wish to honour yourself and your journeys. It honours change and the end of a cycle and embraces future possibilities. It is especially good for milestones - such as significant birthdays, weddings, celebrations and rites of passage.
This essence is very *sparkly* and magical in quality and will add a touch of excitement and joy to your being.

Moon Goddess
essence 10ml $12.00

Nurture This is a gentle nurturing essence for being with 'what is' and feeling fully your emotions. It enables emotional intimacy and is a good essence for shock, trauma and grieving. It deepens your connection to the divine feminine, and like a warm blanket wrapped around your shoulders,is comforting.
Made during a lunar eclipse and quintile (four planet) formation October 2004 and contains the crystalline energies of Rose Quartz.

essence 10ml $12.00

Prathana (Prayer) This essence is for when you have a sincere desire or wish to cultivate devotion (bhakti) in your life. It helps you in perceiving the sacred in the everyday, in doing each action with love and awareness and in the remembering that us that God/Source is with you always and is omniscient. It was made during Arati (evening prayers) at the banks of the Ganges river in Haridwar, a Hindu place of pilgrimage, where the river opens out onto the foothills of the Himalayas. Contains the crystalline energies of Ruby.
'Devotion is the sweetness in life' - Indian Road sign

Prathana (Prayer)
essence 10ml $12.00

Passion Coming Soon

Prem (Divine Love) This essence is for Contacting that unconditional place of love within us all. It Allows love to emanate, shine and flow from your being without the need to censor or protect. It helps you in honouring and nurturing yourself.
This essence is good for issues around vulnerability or feeling exposed, or when you sense that you may have shut down your heart. This essence works most effectively when you pu t a drop on the heart chakra.
Made at Gumukh, the source of the Ganges River at an altitude of over 3500 metres, and contains the crystalline energies of Herkimer diamond. 'Love is a river, Drink from it' - Rumi

Prem (Love)
essence 10ml $12.00

Priya Coming Soon

Pushpin (Flowering) Made at dawn during a new moon near the banks of the Ganges river in Rishikesh, this essence is for blossoming, turning to meet life, allowing love and grace to flood in. Rishikesh is a place where the ancient Rishi's (sages) lived. People are drawn to Rishikesh from all corners of the world for spiritual upliftment.
This is a soft and gentle essence that offers support if you are venturing delicately into spirituality. It opens you to new concepts and ideas. Good for people who may be close-minded and resistant to new ideas, it assists with cultivation of faith and trust. Good for skepticism and for those times when you perhaps doubt God/Source .
"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." -Anais Nin

Pushpin (Flowering)
essence 10ml $12.00

Santoshi Mata On a Friday (the day of the Goddess) at a temple of Santoshi Mata in Goa this essence was made inside the inner sanctum of the temple at the feet of the goddess. It is helpful for releasing all types of conditioning around abuse, either in this lifetime or past lives (karmic). It helps you to come to a place of understanding, acceptance and forgiveness.

Santoshi Mata
essence 10ml $12.00

Saraswati Dawn Coming Soon

Saraswati Muse This essence was made over a 14 hr period during a new moon solar eclipse in a serene tropical garden in Bali at the base of a beautiful white basalt Saraswati sculpture. It is for when we would like to attune more with beauty and perceive harmony in all things. It helps with engaging the senses and paying attention to aesthetics. It helps you to Appreciate nature, the arts, music, skilled craftsmanship, and this appreciation leads to inspiration. It is a good essence for you if you wish to be more creative.

Santoshi Mata
essence 10ml $12.00

Saraswati River This essence was made at two locations, near the Indo-Tibetan border, Himalayas where the modern day Saraswati River is and a "secret spot" contacting the underground tributary of the Saraswati River.
This essence is for strength, power and drive. It is an excellent essence if you are feeling low on energy, uninspired or procrastinating. Good for those who feel intimidated, or are being bullied, this essence is "gutsy" in energy, good for indecision or "sitting on the fence" timidity.
This essence can produce an eruption of desire for knowledge, manifestation and creativity, empowering those urges from deep within that are "screaming" for expression.

Saraswati River
essence 10ml $12.00

Shanti (Peace) If you have a chaotic life, busy mind or live in a hectic place such as a densely populated city, this essence has a very calming effect on the mind. It can assist with insomnia when the reason for not being able to sleep is constant thinking (often worry). Centering and balancing it was made at Varanasi (a chaotic place!) near the Ganges River using the crystalline energies of Sapphire.

Shanti (Peace)
essence 10ml $12.00

Skipping in the Wind Made near Arunachala mountain, this contains the crystalline energy of Rose Quartz. This essence is outgoing, light and social. It is good for shyness or being aloof. It helps you to be at ease and joyful about you are and embrace your talents and abilities, oozing warmth, joy and delight. Light and easy!

Skipping in the Wind
essence 10ml $12.00

Splendid Opulence Coming Soon

St Nectans Kieve Good for when you might feel despair or loneliness. This essence helps you to perceive divine guidance, love and support, during challenging times. It also aids you if you wish to deepen angelic connection. With the kind permission of Jean & Barry Litton, guardians of St Nectans Glen, Cornwall, U.K. it was made on site at St Nectans kieve (meaning bowl or basin) and contains the crystalline energies of Danburite.

St Nectans Kieve
essence 10ml $12.00

Stillpoint Coming Soon

Tapovan Tapovan is a high altitude meadow in the Himalayas where for many centuries' aesthetics, sadhus and baba's have lived in solitude, immersing themselves in personal spiritual practice. As you take this essence your energy system will assimilate the environment of Tapovan and assist you in your spiritual practice in the most optimal way for you. Spiritually uplifting, it allows your spirit to rise and soar.

essence 10ml $12.00

Tranquility Made on a full moon evening alongside a lotus and frangipani flowers in Bali, this essence is for when we feel physically and emotionally frazzled and worn out. When you would like to experience tranquility, take a rest, go on holiday, and have calmness in your life, it helps you to deeply relax.

essence 10ml $12.00

Transformation A powerful and deeply transformative essence this aids the clearance of past life and ancestral blocks. It is for those times when you might feel stuck and frustrated, and heavy, when everything seems unappealing and lacks lustre, and you just want change. This dynamic essence works like phoenix rising out of the ashes, enabling re-birth, and showing you what can be preserved and what needs to be let go of for a fresh start.
Contains the crystalline energies of Larimer. Made at dawn, Spring Equinox 2004.

essence 10ml $12.00

Turtle Coming Soon

Valley of Flowers When you wish to interact with the natural environment in a more subtle way, this essence can aid perception of other realms such as the devic or angelic kingdoms. It is excellent for when you are travelling to help one arrive fully and engage with a place, and to enable you to be receptive to subtle energies that are present in high vibration places. Made at the magnificent Valley of Flowers beside a waterfall it contains the crystalline energies of Emerald.

Valley of Flowers
essence 10ml $12.00

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