Maha Lakshmi Energy Products Testimonials

Energy Spray

"It was make or break time for me in terms of business, I was really struggling to make a breakthrough and I was on the verge of giving up! I used this magic spray and everything opened up - It has been amazing!! I have bought two bottles in 1 month and keep spraying my friends who have also noticed a huge difference! It also has the most beautiful smell! Thank you for my MAGIC spray Cherie, it is truly helping me to achieve success!!! "

        - Claire Kirtland, Director - Star Communities, East Sussex, UK

"It's incredible stuff! I was introduced to it by a friend who was raving about how powerful the spray was.  When she sprayed it on my face it had a lovely refreshing feeling and smell, I instantly felt more optimistic, and each time she sprayed it on me the rest of the day would go well. That was it, I had to buy my own bottle of Maha Lakshmi, and yes it really does seem to work, the phone never stops ringing now I'm so busy. However it works whether it is just by my feeling more optimistic and invigorated I have no idea, but it definitely works for me".         

- Elizabeth Downings, - Shine by Design, East Sussex, UK

"Maha Lakhsmi spray: it was a real pleasure to use. It helped me remain focused on my goals and take the action necessary to achieve them. The results were amazing - a totally accelerated forward movement. At one point I was dating 6 men at once!"

        - Julia Hendricks, London, UK

"Thanks Cherie, Received Maha Lakhsmi spray on Monday and have been using it ever since! Really lifts my energy (which is somewhat flagging at the moment!) and is a much loved tool in maintaining my sense of well being plus it smells awesome! Manifesting many things rapidly at the moment.....will let you know more as it unfolds".

        - Mary Spry, WA, Australia

"I first had an encounter with the amazing Lakshmi spray at a mind body spirit regular event in Lewes East Sussex, I took it home and used it while sitting quietly, I only moved to Sussex in June and have been trying to launch my new business here, you can imagine I was pretty tired and feeling a little stuck for inspiration. I sprayed it and breathed it in and also rubbed it on my wrists and waved it around my head, within minutes I felt a wonderful energy of calm and my mind began to feel clear, and relaxed, I asked for ideas, my mind had been jammed with the move and such a hectic schedule I couldn't believe I had suddenly had clarity on what to do next, my creativity felt a real boost and its been great ever since, I'm doing so well with ideas in every aspect of my life, I use it every day and wouldn't be without it. I use it on my clients too and they love it, give it a try you wont regret it"

        - Jean Andrew, East Sussex, UK

Ayurvedic Soap

"I really love the Maha Lakshmi soaps...they leave such a beautiful smell on your body and leave you feeling divinely inspired."

        - Helen Ross, Australia, Essensual and Moonflower Essences.